Fido Mobile App

The Fido project represented the work of six of us who dedicated 50% of our work hours to this initiative. Our primary objective was to explore the feasibility of delivering an entire snack shelf, comprising a standardized selection of SKUs, within a rapid timeframe of seven minutes or less. In this concept, customers were able to request the delivery van—along with the entire collection of goods—and select their desired snacks from that assortment.

I led the design of the Fido app, collaborating closely with a Product Manager, Operations Lead, and Contract Mobile Engineer. Given our need to optimize resource allocation and meet our demanding project timelines, we streamlined the app to focus solely on core user experiences while temporarily shelving non-Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features. My responsibilities spanned from initial wireframing of the user experience (UX) to the creation of user-friendly user interface (UI) designs, custom illustrations, prototyping for user testing, and the user testing itself.