Hi, I am John West

Thanks for visiting my page. I am flattered that you've looked and that you've made it this far.

Like I mentioned on the home page, you can call me a product designer, but I studied graphic design where I learned everything from packaging, brand identity, and print. When I started my design career at Uber I was focused on branding and marketing, then transitioned into product design. At Nuro, I am a product designer, but have also been leading quite a bit of the branding and marketing efforts as well.

In general, I love learning any new thing related to design. I've pushed myself to learn motion design and I've just picked up some 3D modeling.

I love sci-fi and fantasy novels, traveling, wine tasting, cooking (mostly eating), and comedy.

I keep my online presence pretty small, but you can find me on LinkedIn. Or you can email me at hello@iamjohnwest.com´╗┐.