About me

I’m a designer in San Francisco, but I grew up in St. Louis. The last 5 1/2 years I’ve been working at Uber. At Uber, I’ve worked on almost everything at some point—rider app, driver app, website, internal tools, marketing and brand.

I like working on pretty much anything. Product design is refreshing because you can often distill right and wrong (or at least more right and more wrong) and the combination of technology, user needs, and business needs often make very interesting problems. I also love branding, I enjoy the story telling behind a brand and continuing that story throughout many touchpoints.

On a personal note, I love fantasy novels (if you’re interested I HIGHLY recommend “The Name of the Wind”), traveling, tasting wine, cooking (mostly eating), and comedy.

I keep my online presence pretty small, but you can find me on LinkedIn and Instagram. Or you can contact me at hello@iamjohnwest.com.